Look for this seal on your food

Look for this seal on your food
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Benefits of Organic cinnamon | surprising health facts

(www.Borganic.org) A shaker of cinnamon often sits on the spice rack in most of our kitchens. Given its frequent use in sugary baked goods, many health mavens overlook cinnamon's centuries-old history as a healing substance, focusing on more exotic herbs rather than a brown powder found in Grandma's kitchen. Yet cinnamon, derived from the bark of a tree commonly found in South Asia and the Middle East region, not only adds flavor to pies, it also delivers a host of health benefits.

Ancient India's Healing Tradition

Ayurveda, the ancient healing system of India, often uses cinnamon to stimulate circulation as well as to increase the bio-availability of other herbs. Ayurvedic healers, prescribe remedies based on an individual's dosha or type. Ayurveda sees cinnamon as an appropriate remedy for people who belong to the kapha type (characterized as sturdy, heavy, calm, slow and moist) and the vata type (thin, cold, prone to nervousness) since cinnamon tends to have a heating and energizing effect. People who belong to the pitta type (fiery, oily, sharp) can partake of cinnamon in moderation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Herbalists and acupuncturists in the Chinese tradition value cinnamon for its warming qualities. Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) may prescribe cinnamon, often in combination with another warming substance such as ginger, to ward off colds. TCM healers may prescribe cinnamon for disorders associated with the kidney meridian.


During the 1918 influenza outbreak, workers at cinnamon factories seemed immune to the Spanish flu which decimated the population. A potent new form of cinnamon extract may even protect against HIV. An Israeli researcher, taking a cue from a Biblical reference to high priests using a holy oil containing cinnamon, in 2007 developed a powerful cinnamon extract which may protect against modern viruses like the Avian flu.

Blood Sugar Control

There may be a touch of ancient wisdom at work in all the recipes which combine cinnamon with high-carb and high-fat ingredients. Cinnamon can mitigate the impact these foods have on blood sugar levels, slowing the rate at which the stomach empties after meals and thereby reducing the potential spike in blood sugar. Cinnamon can offer aid to people who have type 2 diabetes by preventing insulin resistance and has even been recommended by the American Diabetes Association. Research has shown cinnamon outperforms diabetes drugs. In a study published in The Journal of Diabetic Medicine, research subjects given cinnamon supplements experienced greater improvement in blood sugar levels than those who received standard diabetes drugs.

Muscle to Fat Ratio

Studies indicate that cinnamon supplements go beyond just improving blood glucose levels; they can also reduce body fat percentage and help increase lean muscle mass.


If people at the holiday dinner table seem especially alert when the cinnamon-spiced pumpkin pie is being served, it might be because of its scent, not just an appetite for sweets. A 2004 study found that the smell of cinnamon helped boost brain function. Study participants performance on tasks involving virtual recognition memory, attentional processes, working memory, and visual-motor speed while using a computer were measured comparing the relative effects of jasmine, peppermint, cinnamon and no odor. Cinnamon had the strongest positive effect on study subjects' cognitive processing skills. Cinnamon's aroma comes from cinnamonaldehyde, an essential oil in the bark of cinnamon trees.


Cinnamon has the ability to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, molds and yeasts, including Candida yeast. In a 2003 study, two batches of vegetable broth were refrigerated, one with, and one without cinnamon oil. The broth with the cinnamon oil was resistant to food-borne pathogenic Bacillus cereus for at least 60 days. Researchers in this study observed that the cinnamon not only served as an effective preservative but also improved the flavor of the broth. In another study, researchers at Kansas State University discovered that cinnamon eliminates E. coli in unpasteurized apple cider.












Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034260_cinnamon_health_benefits.html#ixzz1f72HSmTW

by: Tara GreenNews from www.Borganic.org

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Watch out for high fructose corn syrup in barbeque sauces

(www.Borganic.org) Barbecue enthusiasts who believe that "if it ain't barbeque, it ain't food" may be pouring something that arguable isn't food on their grilled meats if they use commercially prepared barbeque sauce. Many of these sauces create their so-called "authentic" flavor using high fructose corn syrup -- often as one of the first three ingredients.

Take a look at what our survey of grocery shelves revealed:

Famous Dave's

The Rich and Sassy BBQ Sauce sold by the chain of barbecue restaurants contains: high fructose corn syrup, tomato paste, filtered water, distilled vinegar, pineapple juice concentrate, molasses, salt, honey, soybean oil, natural smoke flavor spices, hydrolyzed soy protein, onion powder, natural and artificial flavors, mustard bran, sodium benzoate (preservative), garlic powder, caramel color, turmeric

K.C. Masterpiece

The Original Barbeque Sauce version of this popular brand is made using: tomato puree (water, tomato paste), high fructose corn syrup, molasses, vinegar, less than 2 percent of: spices, natural hickory smoke flavor, natural flavors, modified food starch, salt, xanthan gum, dried onion, dried garlic, caramel color, turmeric, paprika extracts.

Sweet Baby Ray's

The Original Barbecue Sauce variety of this brand lists these ingredients: high fructose corn syrup, vinegar, tomato paste, modified food starch, salt, pineapple juice concentrate, natural smoke flavor, spices, caramel, sodium benzoate as a preservative, molasses, corn syrup, garlic, sugar, tamarind, natural flavor.

Jack Daniel's

The whiskey manufacturer's Master Blend Barbecue Sauce contains: high fructose corn syrup, tomato concentrate (water, tomato paste), distilled white vinegar, molasses, salt, modified corn starch, mustard flour, natural hickory smoke flavoring, caramel color, sodium benzoate & potassium sorbate (as preservatives), spices, Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey flavoring (natural & artificial flavorings), onion powder, garlic powder, xanthan gum.

Cattleman Master's Reserve

This brand's line of Kansas City Classic sauce contains: tomato paste, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, water, distilled vinegar, molasses, salt, mustard bran, natural hickory smoke flavor, spices, onion powder, garlic powder, sodium benzoate (preservative), caramel color, sugar, natural flavors.

Gourmet Version

Even the upscale chain store for gourmet cooks Williams Sonoma offers a line of regional barbecue sauces with an average price of $9.95/bottle. Their Fight Club Punchin' Pig BBQ Sauce contains: vinegar, light corn syrup (water, potassium sorbate, natural flavors, phosphoric acid), tomato paste, worcestershire (vinegar, molasses, corn syrup, water, salt, caramel color, sugar, spices, anchovies, soy, tamarind), water, dark molasses (refinery syrup, cane molasses, caramel color), salt, garlic powder, onion powder, xanthan gum, spices.

What is HFCS?

High fructose corn syrup is a pseudo-food borne out of the marriage of convenience, using government-subsidized corn with industrial chemical food processing methods. Mercury is used in order to transform corn starch into corn syrup. Testing has revealed that this toxic chemical may remain present in the resulting "food" product.

A toxic embalming chemical, glutaraldehyde, is also used to concoct corn syrup. The chemistry games played by food processors result in people consuming extraordinarily large amounts of a form of sugar, fructose, which the human body cannot digest as easily as sucrose. Research is steadily mounting, showing the health consequences of consuming HFCS include fatty liver, increased abdominal fat, higher triglyceride levels, increased tooth decay, anemia, osteoporosis, ADD and more. (Search NaturalNews for more articles on these subjects.)

Food-chemical industry apologists still try to defend the use of high fructose corn syrup and have persuaded many mainstream medical "authorities" to endorse the view that HFCS is not harmful. However, the FDA stated in 2009 that "we would object to the use of the term 'natural' on a product containing HFCS." If you want a taste of the authenticity commercial barbecue sauce advertising promises, you are better off learning to make your own sauce at home from scratch.










Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034240_barbeque_sauce_corn_syrup.html#ixzz1exJWpulq

by: Selena Keegan

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Amazing bee products that cure and protect

(www.Borganic.org) Honey Bee pollen, propolis, and Royal Jelly are considered super foods. There are those who swear by their rejuvenating and energizing benefits. And there are some who dismiss those claims while mentioning allergic reaction dangers. This article intends to shed some light on those honeybee products.

Defining honey bee super foods

Bee pollen is a granular composite of pollen from various plants and flowers compacted with a sticky substance from the bee. It's usually collected by bee keepers. As bees return to and enter the hive, special openings obtain the bees' collected pollen from their leg sacs.

Each grain of bee pollen, visually similar to a raw steel cut oat, is a composition of elements that cannot be synthetically reproduced. Bees fed synthetic bee pollen die. Yet naturally created bee pollen is what is fed to the hive's bees.

Bee pollen has been used for anti-aging, overall health, but mostly energy boosting. Some swear by it, and others swear at it because they don't get the expected results. This is true with many nutrient super foods. Nevertheless, some research scientists have called bee pollen a perfect food.

Propolis is often called bee glue because it is produced by worker bees to assemble, protect, or repair their hives. They produce it by combining tree resins with pollen, beeswax, and nectar.

Even naysayers and quack watchers acknowledge lab research that cites propolis' ant-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-tumor aspects. Propolis is medicinal and has been used for centuries. Today it is commonly used for colds, flu, and other minor ailments.

Royal Jelly is secreted by worker bees and fed to bee larvae for the first three days. But the queen bee feeds on it for life, thus the name Royal Jelly. Some holistic health practitioners claim it's useful for a variety of serious health conditions, including hepatitis, asthma, arthritis, ulcers, and kidney disease.

There are no clinical trials to substantiate those medicinal claims or results. But most agree that Royal Jelly is a very nutritious dietary supplement. As a supplement, overall health and anti-aging are considered Royal Jelly's benefits.

Combining all honey bee products into one

Perhaps the best way to get the most benefits is to combine the three items explained into one supplement product. And those three in a base of honey make it a four ingredient bee product.

You would be getting all 22 amino acids in one natural food. Though you can get all 22 amino acids in any one of the bee foods mentioned in this article, the synergistic value of combing all three or four is considered optimum by many.

Other nutritional benefits are the B vitamins, most of the other vitamins, and most essential minerals. Rita Elkins, author of Healing from the Hive, and J.S Taylor, author of Power of the Beehive, both wrote of a special synergy that cannot be reproduced in laboratories from combining all four bee products.

Manuka honey alone is even used in some New Zealand hospitals to help prevent super bug infections. (http://www.naturalnews.com/032079_m...).

And without pollen residue, honey is not honey. Even the FDA says that. (http://www.naturalnews.com/034123_h...).

Words of caution

A few people are very allergic to bee venom and bee products. Sometimes their allergic reactions produce extreme shock. If unsure, try a small amount of any of the bee products to determine whether you're allergic or not. Sneezing or developing a rash or any negative reaction is an indication that you may be allergic.

Otherwise, make sure your bee products come from pristine, relatively unpolluted areas.

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Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034225_bee_products_propolis.html#ixzz1ejamdqqX

by: Paul Fassa

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Green tea supplements prevent flu better than vaccination

(www.Borganic.org) Flu season is now in full swing and seasonal vaccinations are being pushed from every corner. Nonetheless, a recent clinical trial showed that green tea-based supplements reduced the risk of flu by 75%. This is far better than the 60% risk reduction recently reported in the Lancet for vaccinations. Given that green tea provides a host of other health benefits and none of the risks of injections, it would appear to be a far superior alternative to vaccination.

Green Tea: Natural Antiviral and Immune Enhancer

For many years it has been known that green tea polyphenols actively suppress many bacterial, fungal and viral species. On the virus front, green tea suppresses the adenovirus, Epstein-Barr, herpes simplex, HIV-1 and influenza viruses. EGCG, one of the main polyphenols in green tea, is mainly responsible for this suppression. Specifically, ECGC binds to the hemagglutinin of the influenza virus, which blocks it from attaching to (and infecting) target receptor cells. EGCG also alters the virus cell membrane, which further inhibits its ability to infect other cells. Another important component of green tea is the amino acid L-theanine, which has been shown to activate human gamma-delta-T lymphocytes to proliferate and make interferon-gamma, a potent antimicrobial cytokine. These lymphocytes are considered to be the body's first line of defence against infection. Green tea therefore offers a two-pronged protection from the flu which vaccination simply cannot match. But for final proof, we need clinical trials.

Green Tea Lowers Flu Risk: Early Clinical Evidence

One early trial using green tea against the flu involved gargling three times daily with a weak solution of green tea (50 mg of catechins per cup, of which 60% was EGCG). The theory was that since the throat was a major infection site of influenza, gargling could stop the flu virus there. The theory was right: 1.3% of garglers contracted the flu vs. 10% of the control group. In another more sophisticated trial on 97 healthy adults, a proprietary blend of theanine and green tea polyphenols (apparently worth about 10 cups of green tea per day, but exact amounts were not disclosed) was used for three months during flu season. This trial was randomized, double-blind and placebo controlled. The supplement takers experienced 32% less illnesses and 35% fewer "symptom days." However, participants were included in the statistical analysis even if their compliance (actually taking the green tea pills) was only 70%.

Latest Clinical Trial Provides Stunning Results: 75% Less Illness

More recently, a better controlled trial was performed on 198 health care workers. This was randomized, double-blind and placebo controlled: the gold standard in clinical trials. The treatment group was each given a daily dose of 378 mg green tea catechins (containing 270 mg EGCG) and 210 mg of theanine from November 2009 to April 2010. The compliance rate in this trial was better: 93% took their pills according to plan. Those taking the green tea experienced 75% less clinically defined flu infection and this was statistically significant (P=0.022). But not all observed sicknesses were bona fide flu. When laboratory tests were used to confirm real influenza infection, it showed that green tea provided a stunning 83% reduction in flu risk, however this was not statistically significant (P=0.112) due to the small number of actual flu cases.

This latest trial shows that green tea supplements easily outperform flu vaccination for preventing illness. This may be a shocker to most people's vaccine-indoctrinated mind-set, but for those who already study, understand and practice the principles of natural health, it's really no surprise at all.

Sources for this article include:

About the author:
Ethan Evers is author of the award-winning medical thriller “The Eden Prescription,” in which natural medicine outperforms a billion-dollar chemo drug and threatens the entire $50 billion cancer drug industry. Ethan based The Eden Prescription on the latest science on natural medicine for cancer, and wrote it to show the future reality that natural medicine can bring us—and to warn of the strategies now being used by those who are trying to stop it. Ethan has a PhD in Applied Science.

The Eden Prescription is available on amazon: www.amazon.com/Eden-Prescription-ca...
For breaking news and research updates on natural medicine for cancer, see Ethan’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pages/The-Eden-Pre...
For more information: www.edenprescription.com

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034218_green_tea_flu_season.html#ixzz1eYAR9KX5

by: Ethan Evers

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

McDonald's dumps McMuffin egg supplier

(www.borganic.org) Fast-food giant McDonald's is once again in the media limelight after it was recently revealed that its West Coast egg supplier has been engaged in "significant and serious violations," according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). McDonald's officially ended its relationship with Minnesota-based Sparboe Farms after an undercover investigation exposed severe animal abuse and filthy conditions at the company's Vincent, Iowa, facility.

For years, Sparboe Farms, the fifth-largest factory egg producer in the US, had been the sole supplier of eggs for all McDonald's restaurants west of the Mississippi River. But after undercover video captured by Mercy for Animals, a Chicago-based animal rights group, went viral, the fast-food chain officially dumped Sparboe as its supplier and issued a public statement about its decision that questioned "the management of Sparboe facilities."

Captured video footage shows factory workers aggressively grabbing chickens by their necks and slamming them in and out of cages, for instance, which is a serious abuse violation. It also shows seemingly endless rows of chicken "battery cages," where chickens are packed densely in stacked rows of inhumane cages. Chickens that live in such conditions often wallow in their own feces, and some get caught in cage wiring which results in their death.

You can watch some of this disturbing footage at the following link:

The FDA reportedly issued a company-wide warning letter to Sparboe Farms, which operates a number of other factory hen houses in the Midwest, decrying these and other violations. The agency also cited the company for at least 13 violations of its new federal egg rule, which was enacted following the massive egg recall saga from last year (http://www.naturalnews.com/029539_s...).

Corporate retailer Target, which had also sold Sparboe Farms eggs at its Super Target stores, recently pulled all the company's eggs from store shelves following the release of the damaging footage. Like McDonald's, Target expressed surprise at the findings, and took the position that it was unaware of the "unacceptable conditions in the company's egg laying facilities."

Neither McDonald's nor Target has indicated who they will choose as their new egg suppliers. But because of the nature of their business models, both companies will likely just choose other factory egg suppliers that utilize many of the same inhumane and filthy chicken raising methods -- in other words, consumers can expect more of the same.

Sources for this article include:


by: Ethan A. Huff

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Vitamin D3 does even more than publicized - it enhances mental health

(www.Borganic.org) Most of us know that vitamin D3 helps prevent almost anything from flu to cancer by strengthening our immune systems. But little has been publicized about D3's potential for preventing or getting out of depression. Recent studies link D3 deficiencies to depression. And there is some, who speculate how D3's physiological protections directly affect moods.

D3 Depression studies and speculations

Several studies indicate the potential for preventing and treating mental disorders such as depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), anxiety, and schizophrenia. Though the studies are not considered conclusive, the fact that there is a connection with vitamin D and mood is apparent. You can view some of the study overviews here: http://www.improve-mental-health.co...

Another study among the elderly in 2006 showed that those with lower levels of vitamin D were up to 11 times more likely to be depressed than those with healthy vitamin D blood levels.

There is speculation that vitamin D deficiency may directly affect the balance of dopamine and norepinephrine receptors, which can lead to symptoms of depression. Other speculation revolves around Vitamin D3's immune regulating responses to prevent inflammation, which is often linked with anxiety or depression.

An immune response that's too strong can cause inflammation, as well as a response that is not enough allows inflammation to occur. As an immune system regulator, vitamin D3 boosts or dampens immune responses as needed to help prevent inflammation.

Vitamin D deficiency has also been associated with hyperthyroidism (too much thyroid hormonal activity), and hyperthyroidism has often been discovered among older depressed men and women.

In addition to regulating the immune system up or down as needed, so too does D3 regulate the stress hormone glucocorticoid. Too much or too little of this hormone is associated with mental disorders.

Vitamin D3 provides an enzyme essential for creating catecholamine neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline. These neurotransmitter imbalances are associated with bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, and of course, depression.

It's also known that the summer sun, which has the highest amount of UVB vitamin D3 creating rays, increases serotonin levels. Summertime is the time to ditch any skin cancer paranoia and get plenty of reasonable direct sunlight to the skin.

Reviewing D3 in general

Although the label vitamin D3 is widely accepted, it is not just a vitamin. It is also a prohormone, which acts as a support to existing hormones or as a precursor for more hormonal production.

Vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol is synthesized by the action of the sun's or tanning lamp's ultraviolet B (UVB) spectrum with 7-dehydrocholesterol molecules in our skin. Most vitamin D3 supplements are created by exposing the 7-Dehydrocholesterol molecules of lanolin from sheep's wool to UVB rays.

Of course, winter is an obvious time to take high doses of D3 supplements. Blood serum levels of D3 can be tested to ensure what dosage you may need for your body's optimum health. But around 5000 international units (iu) or more per day is not unusual for many. Not to worry, apparently it's difficult to OD on D3.

It's nice to know you can strengthen and stabilize your moods and protect your mental health, in addition to many other physiological health benefits, with Vitamin D3.

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Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034212_vitamin_D3_mental_health.html#ixzz1eMNDk3bz

by: Paul Fassa

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pepsi Using Embryo Cells for Flavoring?

(www.Borganic.org) Pepsi Using Embryo Cells for Flavoring? August 4 | Posted by politicol | Health Tags: , , , , ,

Pepsi Using Embryo Cells for Flavoring?

Just when you think today’s food and beverages have reached their limits of disgusting salmonella bacteria, hormones, chemicals, pesticides and coloring, now comes embryo kidney cells in flavorings.

A story in Life Site News stats that a bio-medical firm has removed from their websites, their partners in using HEK-293 (human embryo kidney cells in their R&D department for flavorings added to soft drinks.

Their partner is Pepsi Company amongst others who’s names are hidden from the public.

The backlash from Pro-Life groups has produced this response from Pepsi:

” with respect to the flavor discovery research with Senomyx, we utilize techniques that have been the gold standard for several decades”.

Therefore, consumers have been drinking human embryo kidney cells (usually derived from human fetuses) for the past 20 or 30 or more years and didn’t even know it?

Is this the kind of bio-medical- science fictional advancements that science has produced? Kidney cells in your Pepsi?

Obviously, this is another story not making the headlines in the main stream media when stories like the Kardashian sisters dominate the news who can blame them for covering such vital information?

The gold standard in soft drinks is: Human Kidney Cells for flavoring a soft drink? Hormones or cells ingested from other humans, sets up a negative immune response and is totally unnecessary to be used in a soft drink.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Geoengineering: Our Environment Under Attack

(www.Borganic.org) The fact that the planet is being bombarded with chemicals from high-altitude spraying as part of numerous geoengineering programs being conducted by U.S. government agencies and universities that have been approved with no oversight whatsoever can no longer be denied.

The re-classification of global warming, a highly contentious and often scientifically fraudulent pseudo-science, as a “national security threat” has been exploited by governments as an excuse to play God, green lighting secret experiments on a massive scale that carry innumerable dangers to humans and their environment.

However, now that increasing awareness of geoengineering as a result of the chemtrails phenomenon has propagated widely, authorities are slowly being forced to disclose certain aspects of the program. We are now not far away from full disclosure of the true extent of geoengineering experimentation.

Scientists now admit that vapor trails from aeroplanes are creating “artificial clouds” that block out the sun. This is no longer a matter of debate. The chemtrail “conspiracy theorists” were proven correct.

Reading University’s Professor Keith Shine told the Daily Mail last year that the clouds “formed by aircraft fumes could linger ‘for hours’, depriving those areas under busy flight paths, such as London and the Home Counties, of summer sunshine.”

“Experts have warned that, as a result, the amount of sunlight hitting the ground could be reduced by as much as ten per cent. Professor Shine added: “Over the busiest areas in London and the South of England, this high-level cloud could cover the sky, turning bright sunshine into hazy conditions for the entire area. I expect the effects will get worse as the volume of air traffic increases.”

The report also makes reference to a 2009 Met Office study which found that high-level winds did not disperse contrails that later formed into clouds which covered an astonishing 20,000 miles.

Of course, only the completely naive would suggest that there is no connection between chemtrails that block out the sun, a phenomenon that has been ongoing for over a decade, and open calls on behalf of scientists to ‘reduce global warming’ by injecting the atmosphere with aerosols.

Mainstream science and academia has gone from dismissing chemtrails as a fantasy of paranoid conspiracy theorists to now accepting that they exist but claiming that they are natural and not artificially induced, despite numerous patents and scientific proposals that focus around using man-made dispersal of aerosols to alter the atmosphere.

The proposal to disperse sulphur dioxide in an attempt to reflect sunlight was discussed in a September 2008 London Guardian article entitled, Geoengineering: The radical ideas to combat global warming, in which Ken Caldeira, a leading climate scientist based at the Carnegie Institution in Stanford, California, promoted the idea of injecting the atmosphere with aerosols.

“One approach is to insert “scatterers” into the stratosphere,” states the article. “Caldeira cites an idea to deploy jumbo jets into the upper atmosphere and deposit clouds of tiny particles there, such as sulphur dioxide. Dispersing around 1m tonnes of sulphur dioxide per year across 10m square kilometres of the atmosphere would be enough to reflect away sufficient amounts of sunlight.”

Experiments similar to Caldeira’s proposal are already being carried out by U.S. government -backed scientists, such as those at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Savannah River National Laboratory in Aiken, S.C, who in 2009 began conducting studies which involved shooting huge amounts of particulate matter, in this case “porous-walled glass microspheres,” into the stratosphere.

The project is closely tied to an idea by Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen, who “proposed sending aircraft 747s to dump huge quantities of sulfur particles into the far-reaches of the stratosphere to cool down the atmosphere.”

In 2008, scientist Tim Flannery also warned that “mankind might need to pump sulphur into the atmosphere to survive,” adding that, “gas sulphur could be inserted into the earth’s stratosphere to keep out the sun’s rays and slow global warming, a process called global dimming.”

Such programs merely scratch the surface of what is likely to be a gargantuan and overarching black-budget funded project to geoengineer the planet, with little or no care for the unknown environmental consequences this could engender.

Given that sulphur emissions cause ‘global dimming’, is it any wonder that the emergence of the chemtrails phenomenon coincided with an average 22% drop in sunlight reaching the earth’s surface?

What is known about what happens when the environment is loaded with sulphur dioxide is bad enough, since the compound is the main component of acid rain, which according to the EPA “Causes acidification of lakes and streams and contributes to the damage of trees at high elevations (for example, red spruce trees above 2,000 feet) and many sensitive forest soils. In addition, acid rain accelerates the decay of building materials and paints, including irreplaceable buildings, statues, and sculptures that are part of our nation’s cultural heritage.”

The health effects of bombarding the skies with sulphur dioxide alone are enough to raise serious questions about whether such programs should even be allowed to proceed.

The following health effects are linked with exposure to sulphur.

- Neurological effects and behavioral changes
- Disturbance of blood circulation
- Heart damage
- Effects on eyes and eyesight
- Reproductive failure
- Damage to immune systems
- Stomach and gastrointestinal disorder
- Damage to liver and kidney functions
- Hearing defects
- Disturbance of the hormonal metabolism
- Dermatological effects
- Suffocation and lung embolism

According to the LennTech website, “Laboratory tests with test animals have indicated that sulfur can cause serious vascular damage in veins of the brains, the heart and the kidneys. These tests have also indicated that certain forms of sulfur can cause foetal damage and congenital effects. Mothers can even carry sulfur poisoning over to their children through mother milk. Finally, sulfur can damage the internal enzyme systems of animals.”

Even pro-geoengineering scientist Mark Watson, admits that injecting sulphur into the atmosphere could lead to “acid rain, ozone depletion or weather pattern disruption.”

Rutgers University meteorologist Alan Robock also, “created computer simulations indicating that sulfate clouds could potentially weaken the Asian and African summer monsoons, reducing rain that irrigates the food crops of billions of people.”

“Imagine if we triggered a drought and famine while trying to cool the planet,” Robock told a geoengineering conference last year.

The Canada-based Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration (ETC) has called for such experiments to be shut down. “This experiment is only phase one of a much bigger plan that could have devastating consequences, including large changes in weather patterns such as deadly droughts,” the group said in a written statement.

Fred Singer, president of the Science Environmental Policy Project and a skeptic of man-made global warming theories, warns that the consequences of tinkering with the planet’s delicate eco-system could have far-reaching dangers.

“If you do this on a continuous basis, you would depress the ozone layer and cause all kinds of other problems that people would rather avoid,” said Singer.

Even Greenpeace’s chief UK scientist – a staunch advocate of the man-made global warming explanation – Doug Parr – has slammed attempts to geoengineer the planet as “outlandish” and “dangerous”.

Stephen Schneider of Stanford University, who proposed a bizarre plan to send spaceships into the upper atmosphere that would be used to block out the Sun, admits that geoengineering could cause “conflicts between nations if geoengineering projects go wrong.”

As we have repeatedly highlighted, numerous universities and government agencies have been conducting studies in the field of geoengineering for years.

Discussion of geoengineering technology is often framed as a future consideration, yet governments are already conducting such programs at an advanced stage.

The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program was created in 1989 with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and is sponsored by the DOE’s Office of Science and managed by the Office of Biological and Environmental Research.

One of ARM’s programs, entitled Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign (ISDAC), is aimed at measuring “cloud simulations” and “aerosol retrievals”.

Another program under the Department of Energy’s Atmospheric Science Program is directed towards, “developing comprehensive understanding of the atmospheric processes that control the transport, transformation, and fate of energy related trace chemicals and particulate matter.”

The DOE website states that, “The current focus of the program is aerosol radiative forcing of climate: aerosol formation and evolution and aerosol properties that affect direct and indirect influences on climate and climate change.”

U.S. government scientists are already bombarding the skies with the acid-rain causing pollutant sulphur dioxide in an attempt to fight global warming by “geoengineering” the planet, despite the fact that injecting aerosols into the upper atmosphere carries with it a host of both known and unknown dangers.

In addition, the Obama administration’s interest in exploring “geoengineering” mirrors recent publications penned by the elite Council On Foreign Relations.

In a document entitled Geoengineering: Workshop on Unilateral Planetary Scale Geoengineering, the CFR proposes different methods of “reflecting sunlight back into space,” which include adding “small reflecting particles in the upper part of the atmosphere,” adding “more clouds in the lower part of the atmosphere,” and placing “various kinds of reflecting objects in space either near the earth or at a stable location between the earth and the sun.”

The proposals in the CFR document match exactly the atmospheric effects observed in the aftermath of chemtrail spraying.

A report issued last year by the UK government also calls for the UN to exclusively regulate world wide geoengineering of the planet in order to stave off man made global warming.

Of course, killing millions of people in the third world through unintended consequences of geoengineering is probably seen as a price worth paying for the likes of John P. Holdren, White House science czar and strong geoengineering proponent, given that he and other luminaries in the global warming movement want to see global population drastically reduced by means of a “planetary regime” carrying out forced sterilization and other draconian population control measures.

It is now overwhelmingly obvious that geoengineering projects involving spraying chemicals at high altitudes are already underway through chemtrails.

In 2008, a KSLA news investigation found that a substance that fell to earth from a high altitude chemtrail contained high levels of Barium (6.8 ppm) and Lead (8.2 ppm) as well as trace amounts of other chemicals including arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium and silver. Of these, all but one are metals, some are toxic while several are rarely or never found in nature.

The newscast focuses on Barium, which its research shows is a “hallmark of chemtrails.” KSLA found Barium levels in its samples at 6.8 ppm or “more than six times the toxic level set by the EPA.” The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality confirmed that the high levels of Barium were “very unusual,” but commented that “proving the source was a whole other matter” in its discussion with KSLA.

KSLA also asked Mark Ryan, Director of the Poison Control Center, about the effects of Barium on the human body. Ryan commented that “short term exposure can lead to anything from stomach to chest pains and that long term exposure causes blood pressure problems.” The Poison Control Center further reported that long-term exposure, as with any harmful substance, would contribute to weakening the immune system, which many speculate is the purpose of such man-made chemical trails.

Indeed, barium oxide has cropped up repeatedly as a contaminant from suspected geoengineering experimentation.

Geoengineering programs conducted by politically-driven scientists who have proven adept at covering up and ignoring contradictory evidence in the global warming debate should not be empowered with the authority and funding to conduct such dangerous tests without a major public debate about the potential consequences.

The fact that individuals who embrace the dogma of global warming, alarmism which has already killed more people than man-made climate change in the third world through starvation linked to food price hikes caused by biofuel production, are now preparing to launch programs with government approval that could drastically alter weather patterns and cause droughts, is frightening.

More sober minds in the scientific community need to become far more public in their opposition to geoengineering to prevent a very real form of man-made climate change that could irrevocably damage our planet for decades to come.

By Alex Jones at www.infowars.com

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FDA violates law by refusing to ban antibiotics from use in animal feed

(www.Borganic.org) Earlier in the year, several concerned groups sued the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for failing to address the issue of antibiotic use in animal feed (http://www.naturalnews.com/032824_a...). Though numerous studies have found that adding antibiotics to animal feed undeniably causes antibiotic resistance, including an FDA study from 1977, the agency insists that banning the practice is too difficult.

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), the Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT), and the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) all agree that using penicillin and tetracyclines (antibiotics used to treat humans) in animal feed to bulk animals up and cause them grow faster is an unacceptable threat to public health. But the FDA apparently does not agree, as it claims that implementing any sort of ban will be "too expensive and resource intensive," according to a FACT press release.

The FDA stated in its response to the lawsuit that, rather than forcibly restrict the use of antibiotics, the agency will instead allow drug companies to continue "self-regulating" themselves. In other words, it is just more business as usual at the taxpayer-funded Big Pharma agency that looks out for special interests rather than the interests of the people.

"Instead of adhering to its mission to protect consumers, the FDA is waiting for the drug companies to voluntarily do what the agency is legally mandated to do," said FACT's Public Health Program Director Steven Roach. "There is absolutely no reason to believe that drug companies will voluntarily reduce sales of antibiotics and act against their own financial self-interest. Without reductions in antibiotics used it is impossible for there to be any public health benefit."

It only makes sense that the agency tasked with protecting public health would be expected to step up to the plate and restrict antibiotic use in animals except in cases of actual illness. But the FDA works for a different boss, and few in the American public seem to care that this rogue traitor continues to pad its pockets at the expense of their health.

Not only do antibiotics cause animals to become obese and ill (http://www.naturalnews.com/030938_a...), but they also cause serious health problems in those at eat meat produced from such animals. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) even admitted back in 2010 that antibiotic use in livestock is a serious threat to human health (http://www.naturalnews.com/029337_a...).

Sources for this article include:


Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034148_antibiotics_animal_feed.html#ixzz1dhoKqpHy

by: Ethan A. Huff,

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More than 75 percent of all 'honey' sold in grocery stores contains no honey at all

(www.Borganic.org) Just because those cute little bear-shaped bottles at the grocery store say "honey" on them does not necessarily mean that they actually contain honey. A comprehensive investigation conducted by Food Safety News (FSN) has found that the vast majority of so-called honey products sold at grocery stores, big box stores, drug stores, and restaurants do not contain any pollen, which means they are not real honey.

For the investigation, Vaughn Bryant, one of the nation's leading melissopalynologists, or experts in identifying pollen in honey, and director of the Palynology Research Laboratory at Texas A&M University, evaluated more than 60 products labeled as "honey" that had been purchased by FSN from ten states and the District of Columbia.

Bryant found that 76 percent of "honey" samples purchased from major grocery store chains like Kroger and Safeway, and 77 percent of samples purchased from big box chains like Sam's Club and Wal-Mart, did not contain any pollen. Even worse were "honey" samples taken from drug stores like Walgreens and CVS, and fast food restaurants like McDonald's and KFC, 100 percent of which were found to contain not a trace of pollen.

The full FSN report with a list of all the pollen-less "honey" brands can be accessed here:

So what is all this phony honey made of? It is difficult to say for sure, as pollen is the key to verifying that honey is real. According to FSN, much of this imposter honey is more likely being secretly imported from China, and may even be contaminated with antibiotic drugs and other foreign materials.

Most conventional honey products have been illegally ultra-filtered to hide their true nature

According to FSN, the lack of pollen in most conventional "honey" products is due to these products having been ultra-filtered. This means that they have been intensely heated, forced through extremely tiny filters, and potentially even watered down or adulterated in some way prior to hitting store shelves.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) holds the position that any so-called honey products that have been ultra-filtered are not actually honey. But the agency refuses to do anything to stop this influx of illegitimate "honey" from flooding the North American market. It also continues to stonewall all petitions to establish a national regulatory standard for verifying the integrity of honey.

Ultra-filtering eliminates and destroys all medicinal properties of honey

Assuming that there is any real honey at all in the phony honey products tested by FSN, the removal of pollen and other delicate materials via ultra-filtering renders them medicinally dead. Raw honey is a health-promoting food that can help alleviate stomach problems, anemia, allergies, and other health conditions. Ultra-filtered honey is nothing more than a health-destroying processed sugar in the same vein as white table sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

The good news is that all of the honey products FSN tested from farmers markets, food cooperatives, and "natural" stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, were found to contain pollen and a full array of antioxidants and other nutrients. Local beekeepers are another great source of obtaining raw, unprocessed, real honey.

Be sure to read the entire FSN report at:

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034102_honey_consumer_alert.html#ixzz1dFDVgOZX

by: Ethan A. Huff

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

27 hour Infowars MoneyBomb


Guest List For The Marathon

Link27 hour long money-bomb presentation today with a number of guests, including: Joel Skousen, Webster Tarpley, Katherine Albrecht, George Noory, David Icke, Alfred Adask, Texe Mars, James Corbett, Fritz Springmeier, Charlotte Iserbyt, Nick Begich, Paul Joseph Watson, Aaron Dykes, Mike Adams, Richard Reeves, Gerald Celente, Jim Marrs, and Bob Chapman.

Infowars Money Bomb

Please support the moneybomb.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ginger root reduces digestive inflammation markers to lower colon cancer risk

(www.Borganic.org) Since ancient times, ginger has a long tradition of being very effective in alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. Modern scientific research has revealed that ginger possesses numerous therapeutic properties including antioxidant effects, an ability to inhibit the formation of inflammatory compounds, and direct anti-inflammatory effects. The result of a new body of research published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, demonstrates the specific anti-inflammatory action of the spice on the colon. Health-minded individuals will want to include ginger as part of their regular diet or include an organically harvested supplement to dramatically lower inflammatory risk markers for colon cancer.

Dr. Suzanna Zick, a research assistant professor at the University of Michigan Medical School, and her team assembled 30 patient participants to conduct the study. Each was provided with two grams of ginger root supplements per day or a placebo for a period of 28 days. After the test timeframe, researchers measured standard levels of colon inflammation and found statistically significant reductions in most of these markers. They also found trends toward significant reductions in a number of other colon cancer biomarkers.

Ginger Root Supplementation Lowers Inflammatory Markers to Lower Colon Cancer Risk

A critical inflammation marker in the colon is known to be PGE2, a naturally occurring prostaglandin also called dinoprostone. PGE2 is the prostaglandin that ultimately induces fever, and is therefore an important marker researcher's monitor to determine inflammatory levels in the body. Inflammation has been implicated in prior studies as a precursor to colon cancer, and ginger root supplementation effectively lowers blood levels of the prostaglandin to reduce colon cancer risk.

Dr. Zick is a Naturopathic Doctor developing plant and naturally occurring compounds that specifically promote health without the need for deadly pharmaceutical interventions. She noted on the research findings, "We need to apply the same rigor to the sorts of questions about the effect of ginger root that we apply to other clinical trial research." Dr. Zick concluded, "Interest in this is only going to increase as people look for ways to prevent cancer that are nontoxic, and improve their quality of life in a cost-effective way."

Ginger is a spice that has been used for centuries both for its distinctive flavor and medicinal properties as well. Researchers from this study used supplements (2 grams per day) to achieve the inflammatory-reduction results. Most health-conscious people will want to use a lower recommended supplemental dose of 250 mg per day to lower inflammatory risk factors that promote colon cancer.

Sources for this article include:

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034018_ginger_root_colon_cancer.html#ixzz1cTyyihM7

by: John Phillip

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