Look for this seal on your food

Look for this seal on your food
Live Chemical Free or Die Toxic

Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama and The White House to eat Organic

We at Borganic.org have found out that a new organic garden will be installed at the White house in the near future. I read a petition was singed and the first lady and the staff agreed to eat what they grow. The garden will be approximately 1,100 sf

This should tell everyone that the GMO non Organic food on the market is bad for you to eat. As you read this post, ask yourself if its time to grow your own food. Did you know that there are bills just waiting to be signed to restrict home gardens without inspection from city agents. Folks its coming and be ready. read the full from BBC article here.


Stay tune for more on this subject at Organic food challenge

Monday, March 9, 2009

Grow your own organic food by organic food challenge

Last week i started to teach my kids how to grow their own food. Thats when they said what food! So we went to Lowes home improvement store. In the garden department i found USDA organic seeds by Ferry Morse. Also in the same area i located a Peat Moss Greenhouse to start the seeds by the same Co and the last step was to by some organic seed starter soil.
Once we arrived home i had the kids place there hands in the soil which went well. all 4 children filled the pots up. After the soil was in the greenhouse pots the seeds were inserted. Corn, peppers, tomato's, cucumbers, squash, and pears were planted on 2-25-09. the seeds were watered with filtered water. 7 days after, the seeds were up and popping out the soil. Its was cool to see my kids waking up everyday and looking at the greenhouse to see if the plants had grown any.
The greenhouse stayed covered untiled the seeds had sprouted up see photo. I think we spent approximately $25.00 total in cost.

Stay tuned for the next post by Borganic.org

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Emergency Organic food storage

Is it time for all of us to begin to horde organic food now. Have you heard that several farms which produce approximately 40% of the US corn and wheat may close there doors due to the low cost of corn and wheat on the commodity exchange market. I heard that it takes approx $5.00 to produce a load of corn but its selling for $3.00 per on the market. The farms were stated to close this Spring. If this is true and i prey to GOD its not. We are in for some deadly times. In the presidents bailout plan, the framers will not get any money.

Buy some land, get a water well, go solar, get off the grid, and grow up own food. Do not depend on others to save your family. You have been reading


Alert Baxter International Inc shipped 18 countries LIVE Avian Flu Virus in Vaccine Materials

Are they Crazy? I just read a story which stated the following in every day folks language.
Baxter International Inc shipped approximately 18 countries LIVE Avian Flu Virus in Vaccine Materials. The killer virus was detected, when a subcontractor by the National Microbiology Laboratory in Canada noticed that a test animal had died. Baxter states is was an accident but the issue will be investigated.
Well we all know that the elite is attempting to depopulate the earth by 85%, And yes this is true. Thank for viewing

To view the full Story click the link below. Vaccines as Biological Weapons? Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries


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